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Scoop Full Release Versions

Version Release Date Download Information
Scoop Edit v3.0.41## 14th September 2011 Here Here
Scoop Edit v3.0.39## 13th January 2011 Here Here
Scoop Capture v3.0.39## 13th January 2011 Here Here
Disable Passive FTP# 7th August 2006 Here n/a
Source Configuration Files** 28th May 2008 Here n/a


** The Source Configuration files now include filters for Generic FTP, Audio Capture, UBC's Entertainment News and IRN's DFD System, but we have removed the files for the IRN Serial feed and Sky News. These files are now only available to valid IRN and Sky customers and can be obtained by emailing - there is no charge for these files.


# The Disable Passive FTP patch changes Scoop Capture to use non-passive FTP transfers. This is to workaround problems with some Firewalls. See the Update Info for more details.


## Scoop v3.0.39 was the first version of Scoop designed to work on Windows 7. For more information about our Windows 7 Support please click here.

Scoop Beta Release Versions


Version Release Date Download Information
Scoop Capture v3.0.41## 31st January 2012 Here Here


For full details on what we mean by Beta Release, please click here.

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